Thursday, May 10, 2007

Zillow ! Just in case you did not know about it

Use when buying or selling a home. It’s the best thing that happened to buyers, sellers and in general to real estate in a very long time!
It is a free website with fabulous services, that so far were not available to the public and closely guarded by realtors in order to secure their territory and their income.
Now you are able to see almost ALL publicly available information on a house, an estimate of the current market value called "Zestimate", a list of comparable homes, a graph with the development of the value of the property over the last 10,5 or 1 year, a bird's eye view of the house, a view of the city or neighborhood with little price tags on each house. You are able to see which houses were recently sold ad the selling price, you are able to see which houses are for sale adn there is a feature called the "make me move price"! And the best of all this - no realtor involved! No pesky sales tactics....

Use it when buying to see the estimated value of a home that you are considering together with a list of 10 comparable properties, see what the development of the prices in that specific neighborhood was during the last 10 years and if it is going down, negotiate a little tougher.

You can post your home for sale on Zillow and you can advertise it by posting photos and a commentary. So, sell your home on Zillow and save yourself the realtor fees, which can quickly run into the tens of thousands. For that kind of fee you can show the home yourself and can easily hold a few open houses...
No need to support that BMW driving kid with the motor mouth that is out for the quick cash and other realtor types that make as much as we do with a background of education that can be obtained in a weekend! Their education includes less study material than we needed to pass a single subject in any given year in medical school.
And most of what realtors do is uttering profound sentences like: “That view is georgeous” “Look at this wonderful kitchen”, “Yes, the bathroom has been updated” I very much hope that realtors will fade away like travel agents after Orbitz, Priceline & others came along.

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