Friday, May 11, 2007


It's very strange. I started blogging to share my experiences gained during a job search. While searching I became increasingly fed up with physician recruiters until curiosity and respect had given way to dislike and lack of respect. When I found that it was actually very easy to find just the job you want by mailing your resume out to all doctors in your preferred area I wanted to share this. Nobody read, listened or reacted, except for the few people that do that kind of mailing for a living.
Now I have vented my frustration about recruiters and have moved to other topics. When I write about how to do something better, tips for everyday practice, nobody responds. Is nobody interested in tips to improve your practice? Does everybody just say "Aha, nice, I may be able to benefit from this, and I'll better keep this quiet"
My dream was a blog or website where people share what makes them successful, what makes their practice run smoothly, what makes more money, what doesn't. How can we succeed as doctors? Probably more the question to pose a consultant, not so much a fellow doctor. Doctors seem very very guarded about their success strategies...
But imagine (I could say "I have a dream") physicians sharing their ways to succeed - we wold be incredibly more efficient and powerful on all levels of practice and life.
That is my dream. We all have things that help us succeed, that work well, I am slowly sharing mine, maybe I get a reaction here and there...

When I post something that is "political buzz" then I suddenly get responses. Wow, it's certainly nice to talk, but my life will not be any different if I write or talk about medication politics, malpractice, new laws or guidelines etc etc. When did my opinion, my writing, my talking last change anything?

But if I learn how to run my practice more efficiently, my life will get better.
Actions matter, not talking.

Talk about politics and entertain the audience in the blogosphere, discuss until all Google servers go down, to me it would not make a difference.

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