Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Art in your office

What's on YOUR walls? Those Mediterranean motives painted in fake impressionistic style usually sold to mass tourists on side walks, now available at your trusted Wal-Mart? That style of "art" that seems obligatory in medical offices if you believe your local decorator? You know, those pictures of Portofino, Lago di Garda, Lago di Como...

Try the following low cost – high style alternatives:

Nicholas Nixon “The Brown Sisters”. Shows 4 Massachusetts sisters as photographed yearly by one of their husbands over a time frame of 27 or 28 years now, one photo each year. A wonderful series – very suitable for an Ob/Gyn office. Buy 2 books for $39, tear out the pages and frame them. Or pay 100 K for a signed original 25-image-series available in a NYC gallery.

Take a look at the following artist websites (and remember that taste is subjective):
Photographies by Emerson Matabele

One great photographer, whom I happen to know in person, and whose art I have bought without regretting it one second is Martin Berinstein. Take a look at his photographies at

Dry pigment paintings by Diane French who has studios in La Crosse, WI and St. Augustine Beach, FL and

Ansel Adams never hurts either.

Should you have an Ikea nearby, they have very affordable framed and unframed art…

For nature images of the Everglades and Florida look up Clyde Butcher, who for me comes close to Ansel Adams. He photographs South Florida and its beaches, the Everglades, and the Big Cypress Swamp. On his website take a look at the “posters” section - for $40 you get excellent images…

Also good is Debby Krim, a photographer in Boston, whose work can be seen at She has excellent plant and nature photographs, she uses photographs in an innovative way by placing them on small rectangles and then combining many of those small rectangles to bigger pictures. This open almost unlimited possibilities for your office

I have the privilege to live in Boston (a privilege for which I pay dearly with lower income and higher malpractice rates) and we have a fabulous thing called "open studios". These are events, usually weekends, where many or most or all artists in one part of the city open their studios to the public. They even offer wine, mineral water, crackers, sometimes music and always conversation. Truly a wonderful thing, I love it. I consider it one of the best sides of Boston. If you are anywhere near the city look in the Boston Globe or on the Boston Globe website or google the term "Open Studios Boston" and visit...

Be different!

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