Friday, January 4, 2008

Reading recruiter ads

Funny and sad at the same time, but very true. You need a dictionary to read recruiter ads. Since the funtion of recruiters is to sell the leftover jobs to unsuspecting and inexperienced physicians, to fill the less desirable jobs, the jobs that everybody else has looked at and declined, well, because of this physician recruiters have to be very, how should we say this, "creative" in their wording.

The colleagues of "Ace Medical" in Gardenia, California, who have created the blog "careermedicine", have published their own tips about how to decipher recruiter lingo. Careermedicine is a good blog. Their idea is to share the experiences made during job search as well as during the opening and running of a medical practice. Publishing these experiences for the benefit of your colleagues is not done often enough. We all have valuable experience to share and we should share them. It will help us survive the avalanche of insurance abuse and government overregulation, the two main problems for physicians today.

But here is the quote from the careermedicine website about recruiter language:

Reading the Physician Recruiters Ads

Well, on a lighter note , here is the code for understanding those mailers sent to you by the Physician recruiters:

1) Located in the heart of paradise = a very very rural area.

2) Charm of a small town life = Here fine-dining is Apple Bees

3) easy access to all amenities = If you drive couple of hours looking for it!

4) 15 minutes inland from the ocean = Be careful! lots of hurricanes!!

5) For those who love outdoor activities = It is deep in the jungle.

6) Enjoy year long skiing = You got it! Very very cold!!

7) Opportunity of a lifetime = We are having tough time finding applicants.

8) Opportunity to do it all = No specialists available will be on your own.

9) Low cost of living = If you buy that house in the Ghettos.

10) Option of Partnership track = Just kidding!!

Thank you careermedicine!


Adam said...

That's a good site - thanks for the link.

ObGynThoughts said...

Most welcome, Adam

Physician Jobs said...

"Since the function of recruiters is to sell the leftover jobs to unsuspecting and inexperienced physicians"

This is so good..and it describe the reality in only few words.
I have to read more of your articles!