Sunday, September 23, 2007

What Physicians Think of Recruiters

A quote posted by "PsychMD" in one of the forums of, which I am adding to the other quotes from physicians who somehow have arrived at the same view of physician recruiters as I have. I have described this very extensively in my past blogposts.

Just a general comment re. recruiters mailing you. Everyone starts getting junk mail recruiting around the time when they start to appear listed in several databases (available free for anyone who looks), such as medical licensing boards, the Specialty Board Certification site, hospital privileges staff lists, even final year resident rosters which are available on many programs' websites.

I wouldn't encourage anyone to pick a job pitched by a recruiter who has your name from a database and has no clue who you are and what you want. Plus, of course, they will all tell you that the "market" is pretty tight in the major cities, because most major hospitals in most major cities do not even go through these recruiters; they have their own in house recruiters, or recruit staff through internal networking; they have where to pick from. Look for a job based on where YOU want to live and where YOU are familiar with the local medical scene. Do your homework well. Lots of jobs picked through recruiters are jobs that are not already filled locally for a variety of reasons, not all of them good, in many cases.

All that aside, there are some rural area jobs that are GREAT, and the only reason they don't get filled is their more remote location. For someone who doesn't have a lot of pre-existent family obligations (such as a spouse who also needs to find work in a non-medical field), or are just starting their families, and do not mind being 1-2 h. away from a major airport or other larger city amenities (nowadays a lot of stuff can be available on line anyway!), some of these jobs are true gems.

(This pertains to all specialties, not just cardiology.)

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