Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Recruiters respond only if it pays for them

Whereas I receive hundreds of wordy emails about "exceptional opportunities" recruiters are incredibly frugal when I ask them questions about anything else - anything that is not "sales".

When I receive emails trying to incite me about jobs in Ohio, Idaho, central (never coastal) Pennsylvania, West Virginia etc I now email back asking politely why I might have received such an email. It is well known that I am exclusively interested in Miami. Miami and Miami Beach, not "Miami area". I have no intention of moving somewhere to the Midwest or into the "center" of any state. I want to move to Miami. I have family there and if I move, it will be there, nowhere else.

I ask the recruiters why I have received that email and do not receive an answer. I ask if MidWest is noted in my profile as preference and I do not receive an answer. I request that my profile be corrected and I do not receive an answer. I ask if Miami is clearly marked as preference in my profile, and I do not receive an answer.

I am aware that there is one or two profiles of me in background databases used by recruiters to share jobs and candidates. A long time ago I briefly considered high paying jobs in non-Miami locations and since then I have been receiving emails about jobs of that kind. So, why not correct it now?

But recruiters are not interested in talking to you, unless it is one of the following:
Are you going to submit your CV to me?
Are you intested in this job?
How did the interview go? Immediately followed by...When are you going to sign the contract?

Everything else is unnecessary fluff and will be avoided. Whatever does not sell is a waste of time. The ABC of sales, Always Be Closing. That is the recruiter mind and the recruiter life.

I do understand it, I sympathize with it. And you will too, if you ever, ever worked for "commission only". It's very simple: No sales, no money. Only the sale counts. Everything else is a waste of time.

Dear colleague, only if you have worked for pure commission can you understand the mentality of recruiters. And this mentality is worlds away from the mentality of a physician.
You just have to be aware of it. Unfortunately many young colleagues, after many years of living in a purely educational environment, and after having been kept away from business thoughts, are NOT aware of this and fall prey to recruiter sales tactics. We have to change that.

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Craig said...

Thank you for the other side of our world and your explanation of how you see it.

I'd welcome any physician a chat that is interested in making a change. Whether it be leaving a large organization, a small one, a market where insurance works, or a practice where the docs get along.

Yes, 100% commission can be the devil to some, but it's nothing but opportunity for most of us. How else would I be able to make a placement after three weeks worth of work, then take a two week vacation as a reward? Priorities. However, I digress.

Not all recruiters are created equal. At Berkshire Global Partners, we a devoted in helping the candidate leverage their career. Most of the professionals that I work with are not looking to make a change today, or tomorrow, but as a trusted set of eyes for the busy, I make it happen for them.

Back to commissions. Most of the deals have guarantees built in, so it does no good to sell, sell, sell, and have the deal fall apart three months after the hire has happened because we didn't uncover the correct parameters of the candidate. Though often we are retained or "hired" by the client company and the candidate pays ZERO dollars for our services, it's still paramount that we understand where the candidate's head is before we EVEN present then to the client.

Again, if there are any MD's out there that are tired of where they are, want to make a change, relo, become a partner, or whatever, please pass them on to me. I've been told I'm part recruiter, part therapist, and part career counselor all wrapped up into one. My goal is to help people become successful - by doing so, I become successful.

Good Luck,

Craig Almaguer
Berkshire Global Parnters