Sunday, April 1, 2007

Google enters physician job search by bidding on "TheDoctorJob"

In a surprising move that was announced this morning during a press conference at the Headquarters of Google Mountainview, CA, the search giant has placed a bid to purchase the promising upstart "". This relatively small company based in Orlando, FL seems so successful at searching jobs for physicians while achieving an unprecedented level of customer satisfaction, that it caught the attention of the Google network development and acquisitions department.

Alex Winston, spokesperson for Google: "Thedoctorjob has developed a very promising search methodology. Taking advantage of our creative potential and financial flexibility we will work with them to transition to a multilayered vertically and horizontally integrated and fully transparent mobile virtual search engine for physician jobs. Given the increasing demand for physician jobs and services, we foresee a great future for our common venture."

Rumors of an eyebrow raising sum are circulating. Adam Avitable, a representative of the Orlando search firm that was founded in 2003, said in a unconfirmed email that "The conversations are off to a good start, and this is all we can say for now".

The NAPR, also based in Orlando, declined any comment and the connection was abruptly terminated after a muffled expletive. We also tried to reach the NAHCR, but gave up after being placed on hold and having to listen to the country classic "you broke my heart and stole my truck" for over 10 minutes.

California based consulting company DCPAMPA - "Decision Consideration and Preparation Approach Management and Planning Associates" has been called in facilitate the talks.

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The Doctor Job said...

Very nicely done! Happy April Fool's Day!

RJ said...

anytime I buy "thedoctorjob" site if I have enough money. the idea for "thedoctorjob" is excellent.

Anonymous said...

It seems that with the amount of promotion you do for, you are obviously benefitting or related to the owner, Adam.

You did say you had relatives in Florida, right?

Also, if you look at the employer page of the site, it appears that Adam offers traditional recruitment services to medical practices. However, it is well hidden because he asks the employer to call him directly to find out what the services entail.

Smells like a recruiter to me...

Drjobs said...

You had me there