Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Physician Recruiters - be afraid, be very afraid!

After a few years of focussing on other issues I recently came back to my previous hobby , the issues of physician job search. the world has changed! cought my attention. It has evolved from a seemingly small recruitment and data company to a very smart enterprise that basically provides absolutely everything in the field of job search an employer could wish for! If hospitals and employers only realized what Practiematch can do, third party recruiters / commission based recruiters would be out of a job! Seriously.
Practicematch collects data on physicians, on all physicians. And, clever as they are, they "catch them when they are young". They start collecting info about residents and actually interview (!!) them over the phone, either in planned, targeted fashion or should the resident contact them. They collect email adresses - very smart, very smart - email marketing is dirt cheap...And they collect preferences of the residents and physicians -where do you want to practice, what kind of practice do you prefer, what do you want to do, are you married, what does your wife do? Excellent details to know when it comes to recruiting...
Then they follow physicians along their way and keep collecting data.
Where they get their data from is not revealed exactly, understandably - AMA? USPS confirmation?
But they claim to have excellent, tested, confirmed addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses on most physicians in the US.

Just imagine what you can do with this information!
You can target physician groups by email, literally for free! using the stored preferences you can target your marketing even better! Wonderful...
All this specifically to serve hospitals and other employers. Practicematch looks at the world throught the lens of the employer. Not bad, but not complete.
Not to forget the physician, they offer a fabulous job board as well - jobs are actually advertised here with exact location and include the precise contact information of the actual employer! Great!
No vague wishi-washi of "this opportunity is located in a wonderful family oriented community with easy access to blabla city" - which later turns out to be a backwood or backwater village and they "easy access" turns out to be an excruciating three hour drive to the next acceptable metropolis...this is the typical recuiter opportunity description....
None of this at Practicematch delivers real positions, with photos, precise location and contact info. Bravo!
That is what physicians are looking for!
Now, if you could just include the salary range. Please break that stupid taboo of "oy, you never talk about money". I never understood why employers seem deadly afraid of even mentioning a salary. No, dear employer, you do NOT lose negotiating power by being the one "who quotes a number first". Not true, nonsense. You simply allow the physician to walk into an interview with more certainty, with the reassurance that the position pays what he expects and is willing to work for.
I still remember how I had to withold my anger when I heard an unacceptable low salary offer - AFTER I had traveled a whole day, and gone through the whole interview and seen the whole practice and and and....I could have strangled the guy! The nerve!
Please, Practicematch, do something about that. Openness about money is a good thing - trust me!
And please, ban that stupid "competitive salary". Are your clients paying YOU "competitive fees"? And the salary is "competitive" with what? Oh, sure, competitive with MGMA guidelines - you got to be kidding - absolutely no resident knows what exactly the MGMA guidelines say, so why refer to them? "Competitive"? How "competitive"? Competitive without a chance of winning? Competing to lose? What is it now?
If you thought only 3 seconds about this phrase you would discover that "competitive salary" contains no information at all. You might as well leave it out. Please ban it from any and all adverstisements!

So, having all contact info for all US physicians allows Practicematch to target pretty much as many or as few physicians as they need or want to.
Practicematch actually has absolutely everything an employer could dream of having! Contact Practicematch - recruitment done! Can't do better than that....Who needs recruiters?
Again - who needs recruiters in view of what Practicematch can do?
Think about it, take a few minutes, let it sink it.
Third party recruiters are obsolete. Period.
Employers just have to figure it out.
And Practicematch works with in-house recruiters / the in-house recruiter network....and the hospitals are taking over more and more of medicine, so they reach of Practicematch is easily growing bigger and bigger.
Be afraid, third party recruiters, be very afraid.
The sign is on the wall, look at the bottom of the website - I looked and laughed!
Here is what it says:
"Third party recruiters are prohibited from using this website"
WOW! Confident and strong. They clearly can do without the dollars of third party recruiters...
Good for you!
I welcome the publication of more honest, clear, precise, straightforward information about job offers!


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