Saturday, February 19, 2011

The end of the physician recruiter era

The internet will soon make third party physician recruiters obsolete - and we are getting very close to that time.

Imagine internet services that have access to ALL email addresses of physicians in the US together with fairly complete contact information, data on education and professional experience as well as a few basics of personal preferences. Imagine the marketing possibilities.

At that point you can market any position as well as any job seeker in a most inexpensive way to any chosen target population. It will all come down to writing a good description of the job or a good presentation of the candidate. Then you can send this to any target group you wish, large or small - let's say, all physicians in one specialty in one state, all physicians that prefer to work in rural areas, all the ones that like warm climate or all who prefer cold climate or let's say skiing, that prefer to live on the water etc. You could market appealing to entertainment and hobby opportunities, to desired income etc.
And it all will cost close to nothing, and can be done from any keyboard.

We are almost there. The companies are still divided into those that look at job search from the perspective of the employer (the vast majority) and those that look at it from the perspective of the job seeker. On the employer side "" fulfills all above criteria and on the side of the job seeker "" is the clear winner and outstanding business and service.
Both services do exactly the same thing, one services the employers, the other one the job seekers. The service they provide is the same. Could they unite or merge? Could each one do the job of the other one as well?

There are new and useful ancillary services as well. A new service called "Physician's Agency" is able to analyze any location for a reasonable fee for any physician looking to relocate and is able to help with salary and contract negotiations.

The basic need for employers is to get the description of a position in front of candidates
The basic need for job seekers is to get their cover letter and CV in front of employers.
All this can easily be done through the net. No need for any middleman. It is solely a matter of information, access to information. And that access is spreading like a wildfire, every day and every night.

We have come a long, long way way and we are almost there.
Easy, hassle free, straighforward job and candidate search without much manipulation and misleading and money making monkey business are within reach.
We are very close. And the days of the fast talking overpromising pull-the-wool-over-your-eyes telephone salesman (aka recruiter) are coming to an end. Another benefit of the internet.

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