Monday, December 17, 2012

My daughter is 16, what car should I get her?

Here are my recommendations for your daughter:

if you want her to be invisible - Toyota Corolla

if she has Asian looks or a lot of Asian friends - 3 series BMW, only 3 series BMW, only and

exclusively BMW 3 series

if she hangs out with the hispanic crowd - Honda Civic

if she has come out as a lesbian and vacations in Provincetown, MA - Subaru Outback

if she is scared of driving, will likely never drive faster than 25 mph and her serum testosterone is below detectable levels - Honda CRV

if you live on the periphery of town and she helps out around the house - Ford F150

if you want her to look sophisticated and sportive - Audi A4

if you want her to look as bland and boring as possible - Toyota Camry

if she hangs out with those stuck-up, spoiled kids from the leafy suburb - Lexus IS 250

if she is an aspiring supermodel - Mini Cooper

if she plans to go to design school - VW Beetle with flower on dashboard

if she is crunchy, concerned about the environment, wears Birkenstocks - Prius

if you truly love her, want her to be safe, and also want her to have great driving experience - Mercedes C class


Anonymous said...

As much as I like German cars... for a teenager? Give them a reliable car that is reasonably priced that will last them through college with reasonable maintenance costs... and let them aspire to get a good job and EARN the beautiful German car. German cars are notoriously hit/miss in terms of maintenance after a few years... I would hate my college aged daughter to be stuck with big repair bills. Honda/Toyota, although not in the same class, will give them reliable rides that will be reasonable for them to maintain.

Halle Hadley said...

Brilliant article. Very Impressive.

Kyoko Nitori said...

Although Maserati is a high-end vehicle I think Toyota is more reliable compare to this vehicle. And aside from that Toyotas are more fuel efficient and economical.

Saadi said...

She Is 16 and u want to buy her a car

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