Thursday, July 24, 2008

Boy, you have the industry pegged!

This is a comment on one of my past posts. It is so clear that it does not require any additions. Hear the opinion about physician recruiters from someone who has done it, who worked as a phyisian recruiter...! Emphasis added by me.

Start quote:
Boy, you have the industry pegged! It is funny, I have been a "Physician Recruiter" for over 15 years and started to work for myself at home because I hated the way the industry was run. I have given physicians the name and contact information to positions that do not pay me a fee (worked for free) because it was in their best interest. I was tired of working for people who played games with Physician's lives for the sake of the almighty dollar.

Now, I may not be rich doing business this way. I "loose" a placement or a fee by handing over information but I can look at myself in the mirror everyday and I also know, if they took a job that I could not get a fee for, then that was ok because it only means they would not have been happy if they accepted a job from one of the hospitals which would pay me a fee. I am happy to say, once I started "giving" jobs away, I could still pay my bills and I received more referrals from physicians I had helped and I stopped calling myself a "recruiter" and became a "Physician Career Consultant".
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Adam at The Doctor Job said...

Matthias, have you seen what a recruiter posted in a comment over at our blog? He said that they only work with 5% of physicians, and if you aren't good enough for them to work with, you should go get a job at McDonald's!