Friday, March 30, 2007

one experience with iHirephysicians

There is a good idea out there that someone turned into a web service: If you are a doctor searching for a job, we email and fax your CV to all registered recipients in an area code of your choice. For free, or for a fee, and then we promise to make it more effective by emailing plus faxing it.

Sounds good. I tried iHirePhysicans, it didn't work. And now I get email notifications every other day of internal medicine jobs in Texas and Wyoming - something I really need like a hole in the head.

The idea is good. Why not email your cover letter and CV? Simply because physicians as a group are embarrasingly far behind with email and internet. Some of us have realized how convenient, efficient and easy it is, but most of our colleagues are still in the telephone era, or - hey, much more advanced - in the fax era.
Also, email is easily considered spam and deleted. At least I delete most emails of senders I do not know.
Other doctors are still in the phase where you switch from one email provider to the next. I had my yahoo address for 10 years now.
There is little guarantee that your CV will arrive looking as you would like, well unless you send it as PDF. Although I believe everybody can open a Word document with all formatting intact.

So, those are reasons why it may be too early for email campaigns. But, wait, maybe in two to three years.

Until then, stay away from iHirePhysicians. Good old mail seems to still be the best way to get your cover letter and CV in front of potential employers.

And, 73 emails sent, and no answer? How come? How reliable were those email addresses? Who gathered, collected them? Did they check them?

I believe it is best to get all mailing addresses of all the doctors in your field and in your target area and send them all your cover letter and CV on nice paper.

Your Matthias Muenzer, MD

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